Sagarika Samaj Unnayan Sangstha (SSUS) is a prominent local based organization working for the at risk people of Noakhali Coastal areas. Late Fazlul Haque (Haque shahab) was the founder of Sagarika Samaj Unnyan Sangstha (SSUS). He has been established SSUS based on the 70’s devastating cyclone hits in 1985. After its establishment SSUS has been working on Disaster risk reduction of coastal area.SSUS got first fund from Oxfam in 1987 for some training programs on capacity building of both staffs and beneficiaries.


After 1970’s Cyclone the government constructed no. Of Cyclone shelter and some embankment to protect the mainland from storm surge. Except this initiative government did nothing for people of at risk communities who live outside the embankment.SSUS initiated its activities within the various chars of mainland named Charbata, Char Laxmi, Char Jublee, Char Jabber, Char Majid, Char Mohiuddin, and Char Moradona. SSUS worked these areas for people capacity building; Disaster awareness; help the people to get land settlement; various livelihood supports; No interest loan etc. It is remarkable that SSUS was the key role player of Khas land distribution process of char Majid and Char Moradona. SSUS provide list of Land less people to the government and due to that the power people did not grab the khas land from the land less people.

SSUS advocacy for the government long term initiative to the coastal Noakhali and finally government has been taken CDSP (Char Development Settlement Project) in assistance of Royal Netherlands Government 1995 and SSUS is still the partner of this program. The project started from Char Majid, Char Mohiuddin and Char Laxmi and it is now working in Boyer char.

It is quoted that which area SSUS and Oxfam worked for capacity building and disaster awareness that area were most vulnerable for disaster threat and when CDSP came SSUS suggested to work for these chars and the CDSP team after verification visits started the project in these areas both infrastructural and community development.When SSUS observed that these area now out of risk from any kind of natural and man made disaster SSUS stopped its disaster management program in these areas.

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