Sagarika Samaj Unnayan Sangstha has been successfully implementing Micro-credit programs among the poor and destitute since 1993 with the help of the Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF). At the same time, the Organization is conducting Education, Health, Agriculture, and other Human Development/Welfare and Social Development activities for the party members and their families. Under the Sustainable Enterprise Project (SEP), PKSF’s affiliated Sagarika Samaj Unnayan Sangstha has undertaken various activities in the sub-sector ‘Promotion of Ecological Buffalo Rearing Practices in Noakhali’. Hybrid Buffalo Selection, Standard Buffalo house development, Marketing of Buffaloes through Deworming and Vaccination, Safe milk collection and marketing, Milk testing, Preparation of various dairy products such as Buffalo Cheese, Bio yogurt, Ghee, Butter to keep up with the market demand for Buffalo dairy products, Modern brand shops with online sales facilities, Entrepreneurs, and consumer level training to create public awareness. The proposed working area of ​​the Noakhali district is witnessing the rapid development of Buffalo rearing business in vast chars and islands.

Indigenous breeds of Buffaloes mainly reared in the targeted Char areas and feed in groups on naturally formed pastures in the Char lands. But due to the increasing demand for agricultural work in the Char areas, the amount of Pasture is decreasing significantly as the Climatic Environment is changing rapidly. To adopt the system Buffalo Entrepreneurs, Processing, Packaging, and Marketing of Yogurt/Dairy products, as well as further Modernization of the entire business sector, are required. Taking these aspects into consideration, Sagarika Samaj Unnayan Sangstha under SEP from June 2021 is implementing the mentioned activities to increase the profits of producers to further Modernize the Buffalo rearing business in an environmentally friendly manner, reduce production costs, other problems in the value chain existing in the work area and environmental issues. Through this project, 650 small entrepreneurs will be imparted training on buffalo rearing. About 900 members of the area will be directly benefited from this project.

Picture 1: Farm visit by the Consultant.