Due to geographical position, Bangladesh is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. Humanitarian crisis or natural disasters are quite common phenomena in Bangladesh. And these bring in plight of varying degrees for the people, particularly the poor. Sudden and tremendous fluctuations of fortunes of the people often have terrible impact even on the regular socio-economic development of the country. Mitigation measures and immediate material help become an urgent necessity. To help them cope with and recover from disasters PKSF has created a Disaster Management Fund (DMF) to provide quick financial assistance to the poor families; prevent them from selling advance labor or valuable assets and enable them to find a humble and decent life. This Fund Newly titled as `Sahos’.

`Sahos’ is a special PKSF fund exclusively designed for ensuring immediate financial assistance to support the vulnerable poor during and post disasters. This fund mainly seeks to facilitate the coping and recovery mechanism of poor people. This fund is primarily used for the livelihood restoration including repairing of houses, tube wells and latrines; restoring the existing IGAs and ensuring consumption capabilities during post-disaster period. It also guarantees the provision of emergency medical services, water and sanitation. PKSF mobilizes this fund from its own income as well as from resourses made available by other organizations