Development Growth of the Organization

As this area is most vulnerable to frequent disaster like cyclone and tidal flood and many people have to sacrifice their lives along with their assets a few dynamic professionals became influenced to assists the vulnerable people and involved themselves for the formation of a non profit development organization “Sagarika” in 1985. From the inception of the organization they have to fight against the social constraints and the natural disaster. Through their sweat, hard work and dedication now a days the “Sagarika” is a renowned development organization in costal belt and implementing different activities exclusively for the livelihood enhancement of the distressed, poor, ultra poor and minorities. The present area coverage is    four upazilas of Noakhali District and one upazila of Lakhmipur District and the households coverage is 29733nos.

Programming Principles:

Sagarika belives that the most vulnerable and distressed people posses the rights to reward fundamental and humanitarian privileges. The basic programming principle is “to enhance the capacity of most vulnerable and distressed people towards a sustainable development with all respects.”

Programming Approach:

Sagarika believes in the holistic programming approach. That is the involvement of all stratified people of a community or the society would play the catalytic role for the sustainable development. Addition active participation of different stakeholders in a program might reflect a synergetic effect so far.

Strategic issues of the organization:

  •  The community people would be able to ensure the food security along with other development opportunities.
  • Community resources utilization and mobilization for sustainable development.
  • The quality leader will emerge from the community and the community-based organization would be evolved to protect their rights.