Sagarika’s Running Programmers/Projects :


Name of the programs/ projects

Name of Donors


Nature of work


Micro Credit Programme PKSF 1993-ongoing Poverty reduction and socio-economic development through employment in various IGA activities using micro credit as well as women empowerment


Education Support Program (ESP) BRAC 1998-ongoing Achieving the national target and millennium development goal in primary education


Char Development &Settlement Project-IV Social and Livelihoods Support Component The government of the Netherlands International fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD), the government of Bangladesh. March’2011 to February’2017 ·Group formation, micro finance and capacity building of landless poor and extreme poor 7304 households in Chanandi union of Hatiya Upazilla under Noakhali district.·Health and family planning program to ensure health services and to control over population in the targeted households.

·Water and sanitation program to ensure access of safe water, use of sanitary latrine and to develop hygiene promotion.

·Homestead agriculture and value chain development program.

·Legal and human rights.

·Disaster management and climate change adaptation


Oxfam  Humanitarian Capacity Building (OHCB)Project Oxfam GB (Lead agency), Oxfam Hong Kong, Oxfam Australia and Oxfam Novib January ‘2012 to June, 2014 .Increased capacity  of organization to respond to an emergency in a timely and effective manner·Improved surge capacity

·Women’s Transformative Leadership:

·Accountability through learning and linking


Community Health Clinic Micro Credit 2010-Ongoing § Mother and child health care§ Regular treatment from specialist doctors


Sagarika Village Sanitation Center NGO Forum 1994-Ongoing § Produce low cost ring and slab for increasing sanitation coverage


 Enhancing Governance and Capacity of Service Providers and Civil Society in Water Supply and Sanitation Sector (EGCSC in WSS) European Union Started on 1st January 2013 and  will be closed 31st December 2016. §   DTW installation and repairing§ Community latrine installation

§ Awareness on hygiene practice

§ Enhancing Governance and Capacity of Service Providers and Civil Society


Agriculture and Livestock unit PKSF Started on  November’ 2013  and to be continued





* USG(Urea Super Granule) block demonstration, * AWD (Alternate waiting and drying) block demonstration, * Sex pheromone demonstration in vegetable,*compost fertilizer demonstration,

* New HYV demonstration, * Vermi compost, * Beef fattening,* Cow rearing,  * Goat rearing, * Fish culture.


Cultural Development  Programme : Micro Credit Fund Started form February 2013 and to be continued Teaching children cultural events(song, dance, art, reciting poem etc)

Organize cultural program in  national and international days


Education Scholarship programme : Micro Credit Fund Started in 2013 and to be continued Provide scholarship among various meritorious, poor and extreme poor children of micro credit organizational beneficiary family
11 Training Cell and Venue Facilities: General Fund Started in 2012and to be continued -Implementation of organizational training programIt accessible for other organization to conduct training/workshop/



12 Micro Credit Insurance Program PKSF

Started in 1st Nov 2013and to be continued Indemnity to borrower’s family from the payment of outstanding loan
13 Health Insurance Program PKSF


Started in 1st Dec 2013and to be continued Medical serviceHospital cash benefit insurance
14 Cattle Insurance Program PKSF


Started in 1st Dec 2013and to be continued Client of micro credit borrowers will get death benefit of cattle.Facilities of counseling on  livestock management,  vaccination and treatment.
15 Food Security 2012, Bangladesh, Ultra Poor Programme- (UPP)- Ujjibito Component European Union & PKSF(Leading Agency) Started on 1st November 2013 and will be closed 30st April 2019. Agriculture technical servicesSkilled Development Training on Agriculture and off-Farm activities.

Input Supports like HYV Seed, Beef Fattening, Goat rearing, Vermi compost

16 Charity or humanitarian works: General Fund Started from the inception and to be continued Financial assistance among poor children for purchasing books, form fill up and admission fee,Assistance for treatment of the poor helpless people