Sagarika Samaj Unnyan Sanghtha (SSUS) participates in different programmes with the co-ordination of Government organizations and Non-Government Organizations locally and nationally. SSUS itself arranges a good number meeting in which local, national and international organizations participate. Thus, SSUS receives reputation from the participants of all sects of groups. SSUS always encourages participation of mass people who are the core group in all programmes and activities arranged by the Sangstha. SSUS maintains a strong networking and working relationship with GOs and NGOs in Upazila, district and national level, even in the international level it has intimate andCordial relationship with different organizations.


SSUS always maintain the good relations with government offices and other non-government organization.SSUS is the member of some international and national Network. These are as follows:

  1. Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Center (BDPC)
  2. Disaster Forum
  3. Asian Disaster preparedness Center
  4. Federation of NGO Network in Bangladesh
  5. NGO Forum
  6. Credit and Development Forum