Project Profile (Up to April’14)

1. Name of the Project Char Development and Settlement project-IV (CDSP-IV)
2. Goal of the Project Reduce poverty and hunger for the people living on newly accreted coastal chars.
3. Objectives of the Project:
The overall objective is to reduce poverty and hunger for the people living on newly accreted coastal chars, which would be achieved by improved and more secure livelihoods.   The Social and Livelihood Support component has the following objectives:Ø  Providing essential services to support poverty reduction such as health, disaster management and household-level climate change adaptation that cannot be provided by government agencies at this early stage of development of CDSP chars.

Ø  Enabling micro-finance services, which will enable poor people to take advantage of improved environment and infrastructure.

Ø  Supporting the activities of government implementing agencies for CDSP IV, such as for water and sanitation – where NGOs from DTW user groups and organize the installation of latrines.

Ø  Promoting human rights and legal awareness – especially for women.

4. Project  duration Start date :   01.12.2011  Closing : 28.02.2017Duration Years : 5 years 3 Months
5. Project Donor name and address 1.International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)2. Government of Netherlands

3.Government of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh

6. Programme Leading Agency and address Bangladesh Water Development Board
7. Programme Implementing Organization and address Sagarika Samaj Unnayan Sangstha.
8. Working Areas and # of beneficiaries Total 7138 households in the CDSP IV project areas. Under the Three chars in project areas are Nangulia, Nolerchar and Caring Char.
District:                 Total Beneficiary: District:     Noakhali     Total Beneficiary:7138
Upazila:                 Total Beneficiary: Upazila: Hatiya    Total Beneficiary: 7138
Union:                  Total Beneficiary: Union:  2 no Chanondi  Total Beneficiary:7138
# of Villages : 27 Average beneficiary in a village : 264 households
9. Status of the beneficiary or Who are the target beneficiary in the community All Landless people who lives in these Three chars area
10. Status of the project Implementation and Achievements :
3879 beneficiaries received IGA Training on Cow Rearing, Puiltry birds rearing, Goat rearing, Beef fattening, Vegetable cultivation, and Fish culture.
TK 129,533,000 loan disburse among our beneficiaries.
We distributed 213522 paket ORS, 161949 deworming tablet, 104280 paket Micronutrient and 28985 cycle contraceptive.
We are providing awareness on Health and Family planning to our all beneficiaries.
Jointly we installed 221 deep tube well, 2605 latrine in our beneficiaries house with the help of DPHE.
We are providing awareness on sanitation and Hygiene to our all beneficiaries.
1440 beneficiaries received training on Cultivation Vegetable and fruits.
Haigh Value crop Demo Established 501.
We distributed 6456 kg Fartilizer, 296 kg various type of Vegetable seed.
1980 beneficiaries received 22 days training class on Legal and Human Rights.
450 beneficiaries received 5 days training class on Legal and Human Rights.
 We are providing awareness on legal and Human Rights to our all beneficiaries.
450 beneficiaries received 1 day training on Disaster preparedness and mitigation.
We are providing awareness on Disaster preparedness and Mitigation to our all beneficiaries.
11. Key Results Achieved :
Beneficiaries  Increase their income and Increase practice of use sanitary latrine in hygiene way.
Improved Livelihood Increase vegetable production and decrease malnutrition through food taking habits. 
Decrease extreme poverty  Increase Awareness on Legal and Human Rights among communities especially women.
Decrease dehydration and water born disease. Increase Awareness on Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation among communities especially women.
Decrease birth rate Increase Awareness on Health and Family planning among communities especially women.
Increase access to safe water
12. Plan of next quarter:
We have plan to Celebration of World Environmental Day 0n 5 June. Plan to provide 22 days training class on Legal and Human Rights to 450 beneficiaries 
Will Provide IGA Training to 550 Beneficiaries. Plan to provide 5 days training class on Legal and Human Rights to 75 beneficiaries
Disburse loan Plan TK 2,50,00000  Plan to Establish 192 High Value crop Demo.
Distribution Contraceptive among eligible couple.  Awareness on Health and Family Planning, Legal and Human Rights, Disaster preparedness and Mitigation, Sanitation and Hygiene programs are continuing on regular Basis.
13 Monitoring and Supervision IFAD Supervision mission team visited our Program. Governments of Netherland Team Visited Program. Deputy Team Leaders CDSP-IV Visited Our Programs. Executive Director Visited Program and NGO Coordinator, Branch Manager directly Monitor and Supervise Project activities as per methodology.
14. Project Staffs details # of staffs :    30  Male:   20      Female: 10
15. Reporting system Monthly and Quarterly Narrative report, Field office to Coordination Office, Coordination Office to CDSP-IV Office.