Project  Profile (Up to July’17)

1. Name of the Project Food Security 2012 Bangladesh-UPP- Ujjibito Project 
2. Goal of the Project
1500 beneficiary women and their families (ultra-poor) have the means to enjoy a decent standard of living.
Improved empowerment and participation in society of 5100 (ultra-poor) women beneficiaries and their family members
: Health and physical well-being of 5100 (ultra-poor) beneficiary women and their families is significantly and sustainably enhanced
3. Objectives of the Project/Programme
Achieve nutrition security Increase non-food purchasing power
Improved asset base and social status
4. Project  duration Start date : 1st   November’ 2013  Closing : 30 April’ 2019Duration Years :5 years5Month
5. Project Donor name and address European Union
6. Programme Leading Agency and Address Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation(PKSF)PKSF Bahban,E-4/B,Agargaon Administrative Area,Sher-eBangla Nagar,Dhaka-1207
7. Programme Implementing Organization and address Sagarika Samaj Unnayan SangsthaHead office

Vill& P.O-Charbata,P.S-Char Jabber, Upzilla:Subarnachar,District:Noakhali

8. Working Areas and # of beneficiaries
District:Noakhali, Total Beneficiary:5100
Upazila: Subarnachar  Total beneficiary-1425
Union: Char Jabbar Union: Purba Charbata
Union: Char Clark, Union : Char bata
Union: Char Amanullah
Upazila:Sadar       Total Beneficiary:700
Noakhali Powrasauba Union: Dadpur:
Union:Char Motua, Union : Nawnnay
Union:Andar char, Union :Aswodiea
Union: Benadpur
Upazila-Companigonj  Total Beneficiary:242
Union : Char Elahi Union : Musapur
Union : Char Fakira Union : Char Kakra
Upazila-Kabir Hat, Total beneficiaries:58
Union :Dhan Salik
Upazila- Hatiya,  Total Beneficiary: 2675 households
Union : Horani
Union:  Chanandi
9. Status of the beneficiary or Who are the target beneficiary in the community:
Ultra poor households Adolescent girl (12-18 years)
Woman head of Ultra poor households  Under age Children  below 5 years
Pregnant Mother Malnourish children
10. Status of the project Implementation and Achievements
SL Description of key activities implemented

Achievement details till to date

Poultry Vaccination Programme Poultry Vaccination(RDV,BCRDB) 6200
Training Programmme Agriculture Training of 75 beneficiaries, Livestock & Fisheries Training of 250 beneficiary Off Farm Training on Handicraft Bamboo,
Seed distribution Khorif-1 Vegetables Seed (Sweet gourd, Gima Kalmi) 2354 beneficiary,
Inputs distribution Distributed 2 (Two) Cow, 2(Two) Goat  and materials for demonstration of 4 Vermi compost
Households visit 700 households visited by the PO Technical and counseling about agriculture cultivation and technologies
11. Key Results Achieved
Skills developed of beneficiaries Vegetable production increased
Prevent diseases of livestock Reduced malnutrition of children
12. Plan of next quarter
Follow up activities Session on nutrition and social issues
Counseling Training and input support
13 Monitoring and Supervision
Annual Work plan Vaccine and De-worming tablet Distribution Register
Monitoring Sheet IGA Based Register
Door to Door visit Register Model IGA Register
Seed Distribution Register Field day and Cross visit Register
14. Project Staffs details # of staffs : 9                Male:7         Female:02
15. Reporting system Monthly , Quarterly & Annually